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Re: Help w/compctl & ksh_glob

On Aug 18,  2:02am, Jerry A! wrote:
} Subject: Re: Help w/compctl & ksh_glob
} : The documentation for 'compctl -g' may have part of the answer:
} : 
} :      [...]  More than one pattern may be
} :      given separated by blanks. (Note that brace expansion is _not_
} :      part of globbing.  Use the syntax `(either|or)' to match
} :      alternatives.)
} Actually, {} globbing is valid ksh93 syntax.  It's not valid ksh88
} syntax.  But I've always pictured zsh's ksh emulation as ksh93
} emulation.

It's valid syntax, but it's not _globbing_ syntax.  The meaning of
is to expand the expression to the three words
	*.+(boo|quu|txt) *.+(bar|quu|txt) *.+(baz|quu|txt)
Only _after_ that expansion has occured does globbing apply.

You can see why that must be the case if you consider an expression
which probably results in two invalid glob patterns (it does in zsh,
at least, because alternatives within (|) can't cross directories), but
one pattern which still produces matches.  If brace expansion were part
of globbing, the entire expression would be invalid.

In the case of 'compctl -g', globbing is applied directly to the string
without first performing brace expansion, so you must use an additional
layer of (|).

} : However, the real problem is something to do with the SH_GLOB option,
} This got the wheel's turning.  Turn's out that 'emulate ksh' turns on
} 'SH_GLOB', which in turns disables (|) globbing.

That's not precisely what's happening, because as I said the (|) pattern
works as expected when it's used on the command line (or at least, it
does for me); it fails only in the compctl arguments.  I haven't been
able to figure out why yet.

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