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I have these language settings in my environment:


1. One effect of these settings is that capital and non-capital letters
   are sorted together in an ls-listing.

If I have these files:

fale1.txt File1.txt

and do an ls, they will be listed in the above order.

2. Another effect is that ls knows how to sort Swedish characters. The files

lare  lere  låre

are sorted in that order when doing an ls, which is the correct one.

However, zsh doesn't seem to respect these settings when doing a
menu-complete. In example 1, if I write:

cat <tab>

zsh will suggest: 

File1.txt before fale1.txt

In example 2, zsh will suggest the files in the order:

låre lare lere

This sometimes makes me choose the wrong file, as I expect the completions
in the same order as they were when I listed them with ls.

Is it possible to acheive the same behavior in menu-completion?


This is zsh 4.1.1 under Debian

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author