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Re: Sort order

On Dec 13,  5:02pm, Jesper Holmberg wrote:
} I have these language settings in my environment:
} However, zsh doesn't seem to respect these settings when doing a
} menu-complete.

Unfortunately the completion code doesn't appear to make use of the
locale-specific sorting order.  I suspect this is because in some
locales the ordering is not strictly defined, and the completion
code must have a strict ordering for duplicate match detection.  Or
it may just be an oversight.

However, none of this should apply to file names unless you're using
default (compctl) completion, because compsys uses shell globbing to
sort file matches and the globbing code _should_ be using locales.

If you give the command

	print -l *

do you see the files in same order that "ls" displays them, or in the
same order that menu completion offers them?

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