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My zsh disturbs nvi?

I have had weird problems with text-editor called nvi:


When I try to run nvi under zsh running under screen as normal luser, it
gives these error messages during startup:

/home/juhtolv/.nexrc, 8: Shell expansion failed
/home/juhtolv/.nexrc, 8: Ex command failed: pending commands discarded
Press Enter to continue: 

I can run nvi normally as root, also under screen:

I sent a bug report about that to Debian:


It seems, I am getting closer to fix. FAQ file provided with nvi says:

Q: I'm using ksh or csh as my vi edit option shell value, and file
   expansions don't work right!
A: The problem may be in your ksh or csh startup files, e.g., .cshrc.  Vi
   executes the shell to do name expansion, and the shell generally reads
   its startup files.  If the startup files are not correctly configured
   for non-interactive use, e.g., they always echo a prompt to the screen,
   vi will be unable to parse the output and things will not work

Now, can you tell me, what's wrong with my shell configs?


Juhapekka "naula" Tolvanen * * http colon slash slash iki dot fi slash juhtolv
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