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Re: Edit result of last command

On Tue, 30 Nov 2004, zzapper wrote:

> Any chance you could repost your version of keep ?

I see you found something, but you also asked back then if I could 
summarize the thread, and I found a message sitting in my drafts folder
where clearly I intended to do that.  So, here in one place, is the end
result of the thread, with a couple of corrections thrown in.

The "keep" function and alias:

    function keep {
        setopt localoptions nomarkdirs nonomatch nocshnullglob nullglob
        kept=()         # Erase old value in case of error on next line
        if [[ ! -t 0 ]]; then
            local line
            while read line; do
                kept+=( $line )         # += is a zsh 4.2+ feature
        print -Rc - ${^kept%/}(T)

    alias keep='noglob keep'

The "_insert_kept" widget:

    _insert_kept() {
      (( $#kept )) || return 1
      local action
      zstyle -s :completion:$curcontext insert-kept action
      if [[ -n $action ]]
      then compstate[insert]=$action
      elif [[ $WIDGET = *expand* ]]
      then compstate[insert]=all
      if [[ $WIDGET = *expand* ]]
      then compadd -U ${(M)kept:#${~words[CURRENT]}}
      else compadd -a kept

    zle -C insert-kept-result complete-word _generic
    zle -C expand-kept-result complete-word _generic  
    zstyle ':completion:*-kept-result:*' completer _insert_kept

    bindkey '^Xk' insert-kept-result
    bindkey '^XK' expand-kept-result	# shift-K to get expansion

And the "_expand_word_and_keep" replacement for _expand_word:

    _expand_word_and_keep() {
        function compadd() {
            local -A args
            zparseopts -E -A args J:
            if [[ $args[-J] == all-expansions ]]
                builtin compadd -A kept "$@"
                kept=( ${(Q)${(z)kept}} )
            builtin compadd "$@"
        local result
        _main_complete _expand
        unfunction compadd
        return result

    # This line must come after "compinit" in startup:
    zle -C _expand_word complete-word _expand_word_and_keep

    # No bindkey needed, it's already ^Xe from _expand_word

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