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Re: Vim syntax file for zsh

Thanks! This is easier on the eyes in most cases than the standard zsh.vim. I noticed one thing that was a bit odd, though. Consider the following line:

${(M)${$(dscl /LDAPv3/ . /Users/${USER} authAuthority)[(w)2]}#;*;}

Your updated file isn't confused by the final # like the standard zsh.vim file, but it does color most of a different color from the rest of the line. I'm not sure how to go about fixing that, but if you ever do update your zsh.vim file, please post it to the list.


On Dec 8, 2004, at 12:14 PM, Nikolai Weibull wrote:

* Nikolai Weibull [Dec 08, 2004 14:50]:
OK, but as Doug said, I'l make it configurable.  I just tried a test
out and it turned everything blue basically, so I couldn't live with
it myself.  I'll try to get an updated version out soon.

OK, here it is. It's quite updated, so something may still have changed for the worse, but all substitutions seem to work fine, even with nested
crap.  Also, the dereferencing is now controllable through an option:

	let zsh_syntax_variables = 'short,long,all'

where all encloses the previous two, and any combination of the other
two may be used.  short is for short special variables, e.g., $$ and $0
whereas long is for $ARGC, $status, and so on...

I also added code to highlight variable assignments, which perhaps makes
some sense.  The color of variable dereferencing has also changed from
Identifier to PreProc to match the colors of syntax/sh.vim.

What do you think?

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