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Re: timeout problem in ssh sessions

On Feb 15, 11:18pm, Andy Spiegl wrote:
} On 2008-02-15, 12:30, Bart Schaefer wrote:
} > ps="$(ps -eo user,pid,ppid,s,cpu,pmem,rss,vsize,bsdstart,etime,bsdtime,cmd)"
} Wonderful!  To avoid that $ps contains the ps process itself I combined
} your two suggestions:
}  ps="$(/bin/grep -v 'etime,bsdtime,cmd' =(ps -eo user,pid,ppid,s,cpu,pmem,rss,vsize,bsdstart,etime,bsdtime,cmd))" 
} Is that ok / efficient?

There's no particular problem with it but I think it's unnecessary given
the way you're filtering the output later.  The "ps" command is a child
of the subshell $(...), not of the login shell, so it will match neither
the grep for $$ nor the grep for $PPID (nor for xsel, obviously).
} > That's only telling you which descriptors are still connected to the tty,
} > not which ones are open, so you'll miss X connections and the like.
} Oh, too bad.  Actually I _do_ want to see X connections and the like
} Is there a way to achieve this?

You can load the zsh/stat module and use

for fd in {0..63}; zstat -f $fd ...

There's the additional complication that the zstat builtin is called
"stat" in most versions of zsh so you have to account for that if you
want to be portable.

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