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Re: Returning to vanilla ZSH during run-time?

On Feb 17,  3:20am, Richard Hartmann wrote:
} 1) start shell normally, including rc files
} 2) test random stuff, change settings, whatever
} 3) ???
} 4) Profit. Alternatively, a way to revert to the state right after 1) with
}    the possible exception of history stack.
} If there is a
} 1a) Run command to save current state
} that would not hurt either, though doing it without would be better, of
} course.

I still don't follow why (1a) isn't "zsh -i" and (3) "exit".  Why do you
need this all to happen in the same shell?  What's the benefit?

To see why the shell doesn't "just do this", have a look at the script
Util/reporter in the zsh distribution, which has a go at being "run
command to save current state", and notice that with all the possible
different combinations of loadable modules and so on that even those
500-odd lines don't manage to cover everything, by a long shot.

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