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Re: Keeping dot files in sync

* Bart Schaefer (Sun, 17 Feb 2008 17:45:50 -0800)
> On Feb 18, 12:05am, Thorsten Kampe wrote:
> } I've got a central computer where I mainly work and do my .zshrc 
> } changes. I need a program to propagate these changes to the other 
> } computers (mainly virtual machines) to have the same zsh configuration 
> } there.
> } 
> } Unfortunately my main workstation and the other PCs are not directly 
> } connected (otherwise I'd simply rsync the changes).
> rsync -e ssh ...

As I said: no rsync, no ssh on the Internet server, only http and ftp.
> } Does anyone know of an application (Revision control or something 
> } similar) that does this kind of task or assists in it?
> I use CVS for this; SVN or just about any revision control system
> with networking support ought to do fine.

Can't be done when there is no CVS or SVN at the side where you want 
to upload.

I figured out that sitecopy[1] is probably the best choice:

1. I symlink all the files I want to synchronize into an empty 
directory ("ln -s ~/.zshrc ~/.sitecopy/sync/.zshrc"), then

2. I sync this directory to the WebDAV server ("sitecopy -u mysite")

3. Sync from the WebDAV server on the remote side into 
~/.sitecopy/sync: "sitecopy -f mysite && sitecopy -s mysite"
(can't use ~ (the real target) because sitecopy would delete all the 
other files in ~)

4. and then rsync all the files from ~/.sitecopy/sync to ~


[1] http://www.manyfish.co.uk/sitecopy/why.html

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