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Re: Keeping dot files in sync

On Feb 18, 2008 4:51 AM, Thorsten Kampe <thorsten@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> * Bart Schaefer (Sun, 17 Feb 2008 17:45:50 -0800)
> > On Feb 18, 12:05am, Thorsten Kampe wrote:
> > } I've got a central computer where I mainly work and do my .zshrc
> > } changes. I need a program to propagate these changes to the other
> > } computers (mainly virtual machines) to have the same zsh configuration
> > } there.
> > }
> > } Unfortunately my main workstation and the other PCs are not directly
> > } connected (otherwise I'd simply rsync the changes).
> >
> > rsync -e ssh ...
> As I said: no rsync, no ssh on the Internet server, only http and ftp.
> > } Does anyone know of an application (Revision control or something
> > } similar) that does this kind of task or assists in it?
> >
> > I use CVS for this; SVN or just about any revision control system
> > with networking support ought to do fine.
> Can't be done when there is no CVS or SVN at the side where you want
> to upload.
> I figured out that sitecopy[1] is probably the best choice:
> 1. I symlink all the files I want to synchronize into an empty
> directory ("ln -s ~/.zshrc ~/.sitecopy/sync/.zshrc"), then
> 2. I sync this directory to the WebDAV server ("sitecopy -u mysite")
> 3. Sync from the WebDAV server on the remote side into
> ~/.sitecopy/sync: "sitecopy -f mysite && sitecopy -s mysite"
> (can't use ~ (the real target) because sitecopy would delete all the
> other files in ~)
> 4. and then rsync all the files from ~/.sitecopy/sync to ~
> Done
> Thorsten
> [1] http://www.manyfish.co.uk/sitecopy/why.html
I used to use SVN for this purpose, though I have my home directory
mounted as NFS over a network. Recently I have switched to git. Here
is what I think can be done.
1) Create a remote directory. In this case, it is created in my /tmp
directory, or anywher. I just want to create a barebone repository.
2) Push everything to this repository.
3) upload this directory to your server

This will in effect create a remote repository. You have to do it only
once. Then add this http repository as remote. Now you can push and
pull all you want.

It probably needs webdav support. But I guess you have it already.


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