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Re: Is it possible to list all styles in all contexts?

On Fri, Mar 28, 2008 at 3:46 PM, Peter Stephenson
<p.w.stephenson@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> "Ian Tegebo" wrote:
>  > I've been using zsh for a while and am now trying to learn enough to write
>  > completions.  It seems one needs to understand and lookup styles quite
>  > well so my natural inclination is to list them all and then
>  > browse/experiment.
>  >
>  > Intuitively, I think I should be able to list them all with:
>  >
>  > zstyle -L "*"
>  >
>  > But only one result for 'sudo' is returned, presumably added by my
>  > distribution.
>  `zstyle -L "*"' does indeed list everything, at least if you have a
>  recent version of the shell (it looks like I added it in 4.3.3 because,
>  as you say, it's intuitive).  Before that arguments to `zstyle -L'
>  weren't useful, but `zstyle -L' with no argument would list everything.
I'm running 4.3.4.  I su to my user who doesn't have a .zshrc and rerun
'zstyle -L' only to see now two results; how many should I be expecting?

>  If you want a more processed format, rather than the lines you need to
>  feed back to the shell to reproduce the state, then just run `zstyle'.
This was similar to 'zstyle -L' for me, in that only two results were
returned; is there something else I should check?


Ian Tegebo

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