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detach a process and bring into GNU screen

I have the following funny setup on my remote server with zsh: without GNU screen, I can use LC_ALL=ru_RU.cp1251 and see all my Russian letters OK, enter them from my Mac's iTerm app fine, grep them, etc. However, in GNU screen, I can't enter the Cyrillics via Mac's standard means.

So I detach the screen to get to the bare naked zsh and do my grepping there. Usually it's short. However, occasionally I grep through my billion-word Russian corpus, and it takes a bit. Sitting outside GNU screen means it's vulnerable to an accidental MacBook lid shut event.

Forgetting running naked grep in nohup with stdout redirected to a file, I wonder whether zsh can help me to put the process into background, detach it somehow, and reattach in a GNU screen window? Can I play with stderr/stdout from zsh to achieve this?


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author