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Re: Problem with zkbd

On May 26, 10:04pm, Anonymous bin Ich wrote:
} > I just compiled and installed zsh (from cvs). I installed while the
} > umask was 022. Now, when I run zkbd, I get "permission denied" instead
} > of messages.
} The problem went away after reboot :o

In that case, it probably would have gone away had you simply logged out
and back in.

I wouldn't have bothered replying except for this:

} > Looking on google, I found similar error:
} > http://www.unix.com/shell-programming-scripting/12701-new-z-shell-user.html
} > but no solution.

Just for the benefit of anyone reading the mailing list archives: to call
that a similar error may be a bit of a stretch.  It's from 2003, it's on
a Windows NT machine, and it's for Amol Deshpande's precompiled zsh 3.0.5
which was already ancient at the time.

However, if you mean that when you wrote "instead of messages" above, you
were implying that the here-documents in zkbd were failing, I did find a
way to reproduce that:

schaefer<512> zsh -f
% umask 444
% cat <<\EOF
heredoc> Hi there
heredoc> EOF
zsh: permission denied

Here-documents are implemented using temporary files, and when the umask
is such that the current user won't have permission to read the files
that he creates, here-documents will break.  Zsh is not alone in this,
although zsh's error message is more cryptic:

schaefer<513> bash    
[schaefer@torch tmp]$ umask 444
[schaefer@torch tmp]$ cat <<\EOF
> Hi there
bash: cannot create temp file for here document: Permission denied

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