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Re: Multi-Minute Startup?

On Aug 7, 2008, at 2:28 AM, Benjamin R. Haskell wrote:

On Thu, Aug 7, 2008 at 3:33 PM, Benjamin R. Haskell <zsh@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Something similar came up just under a month ago on this list:

Eric D. Friedman wrote:
Subject: new-style completion and large numbers of users

I'm using zsh 4.2.0 on a machine with a very large number of users. When I
first log on and do a completion of any kind, it triggers a cache-load of
all of the user names, which is quite time consuming. I'd like to disable

I was the original poster with that long completion pause and none of the suggested solutions actually worked out.  Following the advice in this thread, I ran a shell with -l -x on and captured the relavant bits.  The big pause occurs at the last line in the following.  Any ideas as to what else I could try? My goal is to not have the completion system show me every user in my company's home dir when I do the first cd<TAB>; I'd never use that completion and it takes far too long to get it anyway.

+_setup:69> zstyle -s :completion::complete:cd::users force-list val

+_description:20> name=expl

+_description:22> zstyle -s :completion::complete:cd::users format format

+_description:23> zstyle -s :completion::complete:cd::descriptions format format

+_description:25> zstyle -s :completion::complete:cd::users hidden hidden

+_description:30> zstyle -s :completion::complete:cd::users matcher match

+_description:32> [[ -n '' ]]

+_description:36> zstyle -s :completion::complete:cd::users sort sort

+_description:37> zstyle -s :completion::complete:cd:: sort sort

+_description:46> [[ -z '' ]]

+_description:47> zstyle -a :completion::complete:cd::users ignored-patterns _comp_ignore

+_description:50> zstyle -s :completion::complete:cd::users ignore-line hidden

+_description:61> ((  1  ))

+_description:61> opts=( -F _comp_ignore )

+_description:66> tag=users

+_description:68> shift 2

+_description:69> [[ -z user ]]

+_description:71> [[ -n '' ]]

+_description:75> [[ -n '' ]]

+_description:82> [[ -n '' ]]

+_description:85> set -A expl -F _comp_ignore -J -default-

+_description:89> ((  0  ))

+_description:90> zstyle -a :completion::complete:cd::users fake match

+_description:100> return 0

+_all_labels:39> compadd -F _comp_ignore -J -default- -qS/ -k userdirs

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