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Re: configure NIS test hangs on one of my OS X machines

On Sep 8, 2008, at 11:11 PM, Bart Schaefer wrote:

} (indefinite hang).

So it just stops printing those error messages?

No, it keeps printing them ad infinitum.

 That's a bit odd.
Anyway, it'd probably time out after 15 minutes or so.

After an hour and a half (getting the kids to school) it was still hanging.

This has absolutely nothing to do with files or the web or bluetooth.

My point was only that I turned off all the remaining optional network services that were on. The only thing that is consistent is that all the computers that suffer this problem are behind a wireless router.

} Is there a way to avoid the test entirely?

Unfortunately not without changing the configure script.  The easiest
thing might be to temporarily rename /usr/bin/ypcat, and then rename it
back after configuration has finished.

For purposes of maintaining the Fink package, I can't touch anything outside of its realm.

      perl -pi -e "s|ypcat|false|g" configure

in the packaging script masks the problem, and since this is only for OS X machines, is probably the easiest fix for this purpose unless you or someone sees a problem with this. I am assuming it is harmless.

The main thing is the user should be able to type

    fink install zsh

and get it to download and compile without manual intervention.

This is more along the lines of what I'd have expected (and what the
writer of that part of zsh's configure script expected) ypcat to do:
fail immediately if no server could be reached, not keep trying for
some unknown length of time.

Hopefully this is a peculiarity of my home network setup.



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