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Re: bindkey vi esc / k - beginning of line hatred

> "Jerry Rocteur" wrote:
>> 1) When I hit esc k to go back in my history, my cursor is at the end of the
>> line.. I hate this and can't live with
>> it, how do I change it so that my cursor is at the beginning of the line so I
>>  can type cw and change the command for
>> example.
> bindkey -M vicmd 'k' vi-up-line-or-history

Thanks Peter, it is so good to know!

jro@dhws011: bindkey -M vicmd 'k' vi-up-line-or-history
jro@dhws011: bindkey -M vicmd 'j' vi-up-line-or-history

I'm flabbergasted that

1) Anyone would want to be at the end of a line and
2) That you change the default behaviour of ksh without putting anything in the doc..

But I'm overwhelmed that it works now.

> (already bound to '-', but your fingers don't know that even if you do).


>> 2) When I hit esc / xyz to search through my history for soemthing, nothing i
>> s echoed to the screen. That is mildly
>> annoying.
> You should get a prompt "?" and the letters you type immediately below
> the line.  Do you mean you want incremental search behaviour, with
> matching lines appearing on the command line as you type?  For that you
> need to pick a key and bind history-incremental-search-backward to it,
> for example:
> bindkey -M vicmd '^R' history-incremental-search-backward

Nope, when I hit esc nothing happens, I start typing nothing happens, I hit return
and zsh searches my history for
what I typed in the blind.

Thanks again for the above!!!



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