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Re: bindkey vi esc / k - beginning of line hatred

On Thu, 23 Oct 2008 07:55:15 +0200 (CEST)
"Jerry Rocteur" <macosx@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I'm flabbergasted that
> 1) Anyone would want to be at the end of a line and

I think the original author was a vi user, so he must have thought about
this.  Presumably he found he usually wanted to change stuff at the end of
the like.

> 2) That you change the default behaviour of ksh without putting anything
> in the doc..

zsh is a completely different shell from ksh, so there is no "changed
default".  (The history, in fact, is that its features were based on a ksh
manual page, but there was no attempt to make it a ksh clone; some effort
has gone into adding compatibility options, but the line editor in zsh is
hugely different.)  There is a list in the FAQ of major differences,
however, and this is worth adding.

> >> 2) When I hit esc / xyz to search through my history for soemthing, nothing i
> >> s echoed to the screen. That is mildly
> >> annoying.
> >
> > You should get a prompt "?" and the letters you type immediately below
> > the line.
> Nope, when I hit esc nothing happens, I start typing nothing happens, I
> hit return and zsh searches my history for what I typed in the blind.

This sounds like a bug, but I haven't heard of it before.

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