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Re: vi mode, v launches editor


Jerry Rocteur wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm stuck once again.. I have problems knowing where to look for this kind of
> answer, I look at man zshoptions zshzle
> and search the mailing list but can't seem to find the right combination ..
> 1) How do I get a complete list of key bindings that are set up
> in my current shell, perhaps if I could find this I would be
> able to find an answer quickly


> 2) When in vi mode and editing a line and I would like to load
> the whole line in vi, in ksh I'm used to typing v on the line
> and this loads vi with the complete line in it. With zsh
> nothing happens, I'm sure this is again something set up in the
> bindings but I've just scanned through them and can't find
> anything, I'm in vi mode and my EDITOR and VISUAL settings are
> set.

I don't know whether this feature is there or not. Maybe you can
build a user-defined widget to do it, by writing $BUFFER to a
file, using $EDITOR on that file, then set the contents of the
file as the contents of $BUFFER? Of course, I didn't test that

> Thanks in advance for help and feel free to send me links so I
> can RFM if the FM answers my questions, as I'm happy to learn
> myself, at the moment I'm trying to be as productive in zsh as
> I am in ksh and I'm also trying to earn a living programming
> and so I can't spend my whole days reading all the
> documentation available.

Of course, "man zshzle" would be helpful for all of this.


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