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vi mode, v launches editor


I'm stuck once again.. I have problems knowing where to look for this kind of
answer, I look at man zshoptions zshzle
and search the mailing list but can't seem to find the right combination ..

1) How do I get a complete list of key bindings that are set up in my current shell,
perhaps if I could find this I
would be able to find an answer quickly

2) When in vi mode and editing a line and I would like to load the whole line in vi,
in ksh I'm used to typing v on
the line and this loads vi with the complete line in it. With zsh nothing happens,
I'm sure this is again something
set up in the bindings but I've just scanned through them and can't find anything,
I'm in vi mode and my EDITOR and
VISUAL settings are set.

Thanks in advance for help and feel free to send me links so I can RFM if the FM
answers my questions, as I'm happy to
learn myself, at the moment I'm trying to be as productive in zsh as I am in ksh and
I'm also trying to earn a living
programming and so I can't spend my whole days reading all the documentation available.


P.S. I just got a mail from an agent looking for a build consultant and it is the
first time I see ZSH mentioned as
the skills required!

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author