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Re: vi mode, v launches editor

On 24 Oct 2008, at 15:02, Peter Stephenson wrote:

"Jerry Rocteur" wrote:
What I had in mind was, when I'm on the command line and I want to go right I
 type l, if I want to delete to end of
line I type D, that is the kind of list I thought would be useful ?

Have a look at the reference card at our book's web site:


There's a summary on pages 13 and 14. It's very terse, but it will tell
you what's bound by default in the vicmd and viins keymaps, so should

Have a look at the book too :-).

Thanks for all that..

Funny you should say that, I ordered the book earlier this afternoon!! Unfortunately my usual store does not have it in stock and so I have to wait until they get it in stock. I look forward to reading it.

Have a GREAT weekend,


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