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Re: /foo/b<tab> accessing paths other than /foo/*

"Mikael Magnusson" <mikachu@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> 2008/12/28 Hannu Koivisto <azure@xxxxxx>:
>> Greetings,
>> I have a spindown timeout for hard disks that are mounted to
>> /storage{,2,3,4,5}.  Now, when I say, for example,
>> /storage5/src/k<tab>, the completion system apparently accesses
>> all those other storage* directories because the disks spin up.
>> Is it possible to configure the system so that it doesn't do that?
> IIRC there was a change quite recently to make it like you want, have
> you tried 4.3.9? You could also disable the _correct (i think, not at
> home so can't check) completer.

The distribution I use has 4.3.4 and I'd rather not upgrade
the entire zsh "manually" if possible.  I do have some completion
stuff such as _git from the CVS version in my personal fpath.

I'm not quite sure what's the correct way to disable _correct
completer, but since the manual says the default is

zstyle ':completion:*' completer _complete _correct

I tried just "zstyle ':completion:*' completer _complete" but that
didn't seem to help.  Oh well, at least it's good to know that this
problem will go away when I finally get 4.3.9.


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