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Re: some way to inherit kill ring in su'd shell?

>>>>> Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Use the zle-line-init widget.

Very nice, Bart.  I didn't know about zle-line-init.

> It's hard to export the kill ring because of limitations on the
> format of environment variables;

You could gzip and base64 encode some representation of it..

> So some variant of Phil's idea:


> Of course this gets you the killring at the time zle starts up,
> not after you've been editing the "su" command line itself.

What would you think of adding another "special" widget like
zle-line-init but run when the line editor is finished, call
it something like zle-line-finished or zle-line-done?

Is that as simple as copying the zle-line-init code just below
the call to zlecore() and changing the function name in zleread()
in zle_main.c?  Maybe I'll play with that..


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