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Re: zle page up / page down

> "Jerry Rocteur" wrote:
>> > 2009/1/27 Jerry Rocteur <macosx@xxxxxxxxxx>:
>> >> How do I change this shift page up / shift page down to page up / page dow
>> n
>> >
>> > This has nothing to do with zsh and everything to do with your
>> > terminal emulator.
>> So what you're saying is that you can't trap page up / page down in zsh.
> Not exactly.
> The emulator may or may not decide to handle those keys itself; that's
> down to the way it's set up.  Most terminals *should* be able to do
> this.  If it doesn't, then the shell can use those keys instead.
> So it depends what behaviour you're expecting.  If you want to be able
> to scroll back screenfuls to see what's there, then this is entirely the
> terminal emulator's business and nothing to do with the shell at all.
> If you want the terminal emulator to leave the keys alone so that you
> can bind them to some function in the shell, then you need to configure
> the terminal emulator to do that, and you will be able to bind them in
> the shell by the usual tricks (e.g. type "read" and see what turns up
> when you hit the key).
> However, the first thing to do is establish whether what you're trying
> to do is a terminal function or a shell function.  The most obvious use,
> scrollback, is a terminal function.
Hi Peter,

Since Mikael's mail I've done some more research and I understand it a lot better now.

I'm not too good at these graphical things as I would never dream of every using my page up and page down keys.

Thanks very much for your quick answers Mikael and Peter, I think I can take it from here.



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