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Re: other things i miss in zsh ...

On 30 Jan 2009, at 17:42, Bart Schaefer wrote:

On Jan 30,  9:51am, Marc Chantreux wrote:
} - a strict mode that failed to use undeclared (or unexported) variables } - a warning mode that produces an error message when undefined variable is
}   used

Please experiment with some combination of

	setopt no_unset
	setopt warn_create_global

I think it is time for a Camel type book for zsh ...

I love these and they are now going into all of my scripts, nounsetis also mentioned in From Bash to Z Shell but there is a missing manual I htink....

Learning zsh is quite simple if you're just a lightweight user but if you're a power user that also programs it is like learning a language by reading a dictionary.

Thanks for the information Marc,


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