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Re: other things i miss in zsh ...

On Jan 31, 12:26pm, Jerry Rocteur wrote:
} On 30 Jan 2009, at 17:42, Bart Schaefer wrote:
} > Please experiment with some combination of
} >
} > 	setopt no_unset
} > 	setopt warn_create_global
} I love these and they are now going into all of my scripts, nounsetis  
} also mentioned in From Bash to Z Shell but there is a missing manual I  
} htink....

Any setopt that has a "no" prefix (with the exception of "nomatch") is
documented under its name with the "no" removed, so to find the doc
for "no_unset" you have to look for the "unset" option.

They used to be documented under what might be described as their most
common usages (e.g., unset defaults to off, so long ago it used to be
documented as nounset) but a few years ago it was decided that all the
usages would be clearer if the base option names were to assert their
positive state even when they default to negative.

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