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Re: Odp: Midnight Commander and zsh - "Warning: cannot change directory..."

> I think that particular message (which I'm not seeing)

It's not about message itself (that surely comes from mc) but about
the reason, _why_ it is so, when the shell is zsh, and mc has subshell
enabled. Didn't notice nothing like this in case of bash, so the
answer is rather simple: there's something wrong in cooperation zsh
<-> mc, and I'm trying to find out, what exactly. But the most
annoying thing is spoiling the mc's panels.

About CDPATH: no, there's no such variable in my environment. But
setting it doesn't change anything in the descibed matter.

Pay attention, that some distro-specific installations of mc
apparently could have its subshell set "fixed" to bash. I'm not 100%
sure, but it seems to me, that f.e. in case of Debian it's true.

And so even if I'm starting in zsh - I've got bash from within mc (its
subshell). That  can be an explaining, why there's no warning.


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