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vcs info not working for me with svn

Hello, zsh list!

I switched to zsh only today, so please be gentle if there's something
completely silly I'm doing! ;)

End dislcaimer.  I set up vsc_info and it works nice and does what I want.
I even managed to customise the output.  This is all awesome.

I use three vcs in everyday life: git, svn and cvs.  vcs_info is working
great for git and cvs, but not svn... 

Home directory (under git)


A CVS checkout:


An SVN checkout;


svn info .
URL: http://svn.liip.ch/repos/public/misc/liipto/trunk
(amongst other things)

This is clearly an svn checkout, yet not recognised as such.

vcs_info_printsys has svn, not commented out... (svn, cvs and git are the
only three left).

It's definitely updating every cd, as cd-ing from ~ to ~/src/moodle/headcvs
updates the prompt.

In case it helps, config file: 


Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. I joined #zsh (Mjollnir`),
in case anyone wants to try an interactive debug (I will repost here with a
solution if we find one).

Miscellaneous other questions:

- Is it possible to change unstagedstr to include untracked new files?  Or
  alternatively, add a new str entirely to catch that? It would be nice to
  add a 'your working directory is not clean' option.

- As you can see from my above config, I have %c%u with a - before them.  I
  would really like to not include the - if they're both empty.  Total
  nitpick, I know! I tried inserting something like (%c|%u.-%c%u.) into the
  format, but that didn't work (I was completely guessing, see above

In general: awesome work! :)

Please cc me, I'm not subscribed!

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