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Re: Weird Symbols With zsh in urxvt

On 2009-05-19 19:57 +0100, Peter Stephenson wrote:

> That's the up arrow being inserted into the buffer instead of (or
> possibly in addition to) being interpreted by the shell.

The history of zsh works perfectly, I just don't see the command only 
when I hit enter the command appears in a new line.

> - shell starts
> - the prompt appears (here?)
> - you type up arrow
> - (or does the prompt appear here?)
> - the ^[[A appear in the command line
> - nothing else happens for a bit
> - eventually the history moves up the number of lines for which you hit
>   up arrow 
> - the display is replaced with the appropriate line

Everything but the last bits seem right. For every ^[[A it goes exactly 
one point up in the history like you would expect from it. There is no 
delay whatsoever.

> If the display doesn't change, i.e. you're really stuck with the ^[[A
> until you hit "enter", it sounds like urxvt isn't updating the display.
> Does typing ^L (control-L) redisplay it properly?

Yes. But Ctrl-L just shows up as ^L.


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