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Re: Weird Symbols With zsh in urxvt

On May 25, 12:33am, Thomas Bohn wrote:
} > If the display doesn't change, i.e. you're really stuck with the ^[[A
} > until you hit "enter", it sounds like urxvt isn't updating the display.
} > Does typing ^L (control-L) redisplay it properly?
} Yes. But Ctrl-L just shows up as ^L.

Could you clarify that please?  Either it redisplays properly, OR ctrl-L
"just" shows up as ^L, or it first redisplays properly and then you also
see a ^L.

Or does "Yes" mean "really stuck with the ^[[A until ..."?

We just had someone else complaining about urxvt behaving badly under
cygwin.  Are you using cygwin?

Does this effect eventually go away, or are you stuck with it for the
entire shell session?

It sounds like the tty is not set up properly; my guess would be that
it's in cooked mode, so you're only sending anything each time you hit
enter, and that it's also in local-echo mode.

This can sometimes happen if some other process is still connected to
that tty, for example something left running in the background when a
different urxvt exited.  It could also be because of a race condition
where zsh sets up the tty and then urxvt resets it.  In the latter
case you can work around it by delaying zsh's startup; a "sleep 2" in
your .zshrc might do it.

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