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Re: Mimicking tcsh line-editing behavior

On 2009-07-02 at 19:46 +0000, Rhyme Tan wrote:
> My default shell is tcsh. In tcsh I can use alt(meta)-backspace, alt-F
> or alt-B to delete, or move forward or backward through a path.
> For example I type:
> ls /An/Example/of/a/Path/Name/
> To delete Path/Name/, I simply hold down the alt key and press
> backspace twice (alt-backspace x2). This will leave me with the path
> "/An/Example/of/a/". I cannot do this in zsh because
> pressing alt-backspace will delete the whole path (that is,
> "/An/Example/of/a/Path/Name/"). Is there some magic config
> option I can pass to zsh to duplicate the behavior of alt-backspace,
> -F, or -B) in tcsh?

So I started to write this, then grep'd my config to look for an example
and saw that I'd already written it once before, in the same way, just
with a differently named function for the widget and bound differently.

----------------------------8< cut here >8------------------------------
function backward-kill-partial-word {
        local WORDCHARS="${WORDCHARS//[\/.]/}"
        zle backward-kill-word "$@"
zle -N backward-kill-partial-word
bindkey '^Xw' backward-kill-partial-word
----------------------------8< cut here >8------------------------------

I think that I'll bind that to ESC-Backspace too, that way I might
remember that I have it.  :-/  Sheesh, I only wrote it four months ago
and forgotten already.


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