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Re: Append cancelled commands to history

On Mon, Jul 06, 2009, Nadav Har'El wrote about "Re: Append cancelled commands to history":
> > 		zle && print -s -- $BUFFER
> I wonder, isn't "-r" also wise to add, otherwise if you have escape sequences
> like "\n", "\c", etc., in your command line, they will be modified by the
> print command?

I added another trick: It annoyed me that if I go back in history and change
my mind, pressing interrupt now will save the whatever command I moved back
to again in the front of the history. I wanted the interrupt key to only save
a new command.
So I added a check for this, using the HISTNO and HISTCMD variables we have
access to: If those are equal, we're editing a new command, but if they're
not, we're on an old command from the history:

# When a line is killed, put it in the history anyway in case we want to
# return to it
        # Store the current buffer in the history.
        zle && 
        [[ $HISTNO -eq $HISTCMD ]] && # only if we're not back in the history
        print -s -r -- $BUFFER

        # Return the default exit code so zsh aborts the current command.
        return $1

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