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Re: proper UTF-8 support under OSX

On 2009-10-23 16:44:17 +0200, François Revol wrote:
> > The same notion is often designated under the following terms (which
> > may have different meanings depending on the context): charset (e.g.
> > in MIME), character set, codeset (e.g. in nl_langinfo), charmap (e.g.
> > in locales), coding system (e.g. in Emacs), encoding (e.g. in XML).
> No.
> Charset = character set = the list of available glyphs, no matter how
> they are coded.



> Encoding = how they are represented.
> Like, UTF-8 one of the many encodings or the Unicode charset.

No, Unicode is not a charset, but a "coded character set".

UTF-8 is both a character map (= charset = character set = code page
= CHARMAP) and a character encoding scheme. Everything is here:


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