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Re: export

That's very cool, I think we should have it too.

This feature is constantly getting me mad. I have set some variable
for testing and some code exported it. Now all shells are in the same
state, including the new ones. Super! I am getting mad even though I
use fish *only* for testing.

I do not think that this feature should be in a zsh core, especially
given that it can easily be implemented as a plugin.

Well, whatever the case, it should be a deliberate action to turn it on.
There's no question of wanting such a feature to be active when you
don't want it.  Anyway, it's easy enough to implement locally so
unlikely it will change officially.  When I started with zsh, I wanted all
my terminals to be basically exactly the same as each other, as if they were
windows into the same shell.  More and more I like having them
different, but some easy way to share things would still be nice.
Sharing history is for me essential, and of course we have that.

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