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Re: umount completion context and tags

On Dec 14,  6:13pm, Mikael Magnusson wrote:
} I see now that the gentoo /etc/filesystems has some lines in it with
} comments, and the completer doesn't remove them. How about instead of
} this,
} fss+=( ${$(</etc/filesystems)#\*} )
} we use this?
} fss+=( ${${${(f)"$(</etc/filesystems)"}:#\#*}#\*} )

Seems reasonable to me.

} > usbfs /proc/bus/usb usbfs rw 0 0
} >
} > so _mount assigns
} >
} > dev_tmp=( /dev/hda2 usbfs /dev/hda1 sunrpc )
} >
} > which subsquently interprets everything that doesn't start with a slash
} > as a device label.
} I'm not even sure here what a device label is meant to be. I don't
} suppose it's something mounted by LABEL=foo?

I don't really know either.  However, it's clear that in this case "usbfs"
and "sunrpc" are virtual devices (since they appear in the first column
of the mtab line) so perhaps "label" is just a misnomer?

Either that, or _mount needs to interpret mtab positionally rather than
by guessing that slashes are devices and everything else is a label.

The "none" device (or label, or whatever) is filtered out.

} My mount manpage mentions
} partition labels, filesystem labels (and I know these are only
} readable by root), and also 'those that are labeled "nodev"' appears.

The only use of "nodev" in _mount is in _arguments arguments.

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