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Re: Setup git-stash completion for a function: $line is wrong

On Mar 15, 12:59am, Daniel Hahler wrote:
} It did not work initially, but luckily it seems to be just an off-by-one
} error when incrementing CURRENT.

Indeed, sorry about that.  words[1] is being replaced by $@ rather than
appended-to, so you have to take one away from the increment.

} > There's already (compdef cmd=service) e.g.
} > 
} >     compdef gsta=git
} Yes, I am aware of that, and what I mean is more or less something in this
} regard, e.g. by making it handle command+arguments.

For other readers of this thread:  Any input here on whether this is
actually a common use case?

} maybe a list could be used:
}     compdef gsta=(git stash)

That would require that 'compdef' be made a keyword, otherwise that's a
syntax error.  I don't think we're likely to embed compsys that deeply
into the shell syntax.

We could maybe do what some other compsys functions do:

compdef gsta='(git stash)'

Not sure what that would require of the lower-level code where the value
of the compdef is evaluated.

Probably the right way to approach this is to have a completer "_wrapper"
which looks up the replacement command via zstyle, fixes up $words etc.,
and then calls _complete.  The potentially tricky part is preventing the
replacement from changing the context, i.e. adding syntactic tokens
like globbing or pipes, or at least failing gracefully in that event.

} I am using it with the following to automatically update a ctags tags file

This sounds more like a job for a git hook ... except there isn't one
for "stash".

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