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Re: Does mandir get saved some place?

03.08.2017, 18:03, "Jim" <linux.tech.guy@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi,
> Sorry if I missed this in the documentation, but so far I have been unable
> to find what I'm looking for. Google doesn't always find things either.
> First, thanks for the fact that zsh is very version conscious. This makes
> it very easy to test a particular build of zsh. Not all distributions take
> advantage of this, but that's something to take up with the distribution.
> I just wish more applications would take this approach. I digress.
> With the fact that the configure script has the option "mandir=<some dir>"
> I assumed(bad thing to do) that there would be an easy way to discover
> where the man pages were saved. If there is, so far I haven't found it. My
> reasoning for this is, if I'm testing a particular build, I would like to
> have
> available the pages for that build if they exist. I assumed(I know)
> that is why "mandir" is there, to make this possible.
> Is there a variable of something else that can be accessed to tell
> someone where a particular zsh build saved the man pages? If not,
> would it be unreasonable to ask that a variable like "mandir" be set with
> the path to those man pages? This would make it so much easier to
> set MANPATH. For me it would even be better if zsh automatically
> added a path to them before the normal locations. I'm sure others
> would disagree. An option allowing such behaviour would allow a user
> to set this to meet there own needs.
> Again, if I missed this in the documentation, sorry for the noise.
> Sincerely,
> Jim

You can probably use `zsh -fc 'printf "%s" $module_path[1]:h:h:h/share/man'`. Should work fine as long as you are only setting single installation prefix based on which other locations are computed and not other installation locations explicitly. All versions I ever needed have `$module_path[1]` set to something like `{prefix}/lib(64)?/zsh/$ZSH_VERSION`, so three `:h` are there to get rid of `lib*`, `zsh` and `$ZSH_VERSION` components.

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