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Does mandir get saved some place?


Sorry if I missed this in the documentation, but so far I have been unable
to find what I'm looking for.  Google doesn't always find things either.

First, thanks for the fact that zsh is very version conscious. This makes
it very easy to test a particular build of zsh. Not all distributions take
advantage of this, but that's something to take up with the distribution.
I just wish more applications would take this approach. I digress.

With the fact that the configure script has the option "mandir=<some dir>"
I assumed(bad thing to do) that there would be an easy way to discover
where the man pages were saved. If there is, so far I haven't found it. My
reasoning for this is, if I'm testing a particular build, I would like to
available the pages for that build if they exist. I assumed(I know)
that is why "mandir" is there, to make this possible.

Is there a variable of something else that can be accessed to tell
someone where a particular zsh build saved the man pages?  If not,
would it be unreasonable to ask that a variable like "mandir" be set with
the path to those man pages? This would make it so much easier to
set MANPATH.  For me it would even be better if zsh automatically
added a path to them before the normal locations. I'm sure others
would disagree.  An option allowing such behaviour would allow a user
to set this to meet there own needs.

Again, if I missed this in the documentation, sorry for the noise.



Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author