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Re: Zsh requires Bash? 2002 revisited

2018-01-06 22:21:36 +0100, Martijn Dekker:
> Op 06-01-18 om 21:36 schreef Jim:
> > As I said I was testing different shells, it was by chance that /bin/sh and
> > /bin/posh were
> > linked when I started the build.
> You're right, autoconf scripts do not depend on bash and work fine on
> any reasonably compliant POSIX shell, including recent zsh versions.
> However, posh is non-compliant, bug-ridden, unmaintained, generally
> broken, and should not be used. Your problem would be solved by deleting
> posh and using dash for /bin/sh instead.

FWIW, with sh as dash, if I remove bash and ksh, then the
configure fails with

./configure:13185: functions: attempt to set associative array to scalar

IOW, it seems configure tries to rerun itself as bash, ksh or
zsh whichever is available when running as dash, but not when
running as posh, possibly because it detects that it is already
a variant of ksh? I've not looked in much more details.

Given that autoconf spends a lot of effort working around bugs
in various shell implementations, I suspect the problem is
coming from zsh specific code.


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