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Re: Zsh requires Bash? 2002 revisited

On Sat, Jan 6, 2018 at 2:57 PM, Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Given that you're not seeing shell syntax errors or the like, my guess
is that posh is mishandling the -e command line option (errexit) and
causing some branches of make to fail prematurely.  Or, posh has rm as
a built-in and that's mishandling the -f option.  Try building with
"make -k"?

After reading the other posts in this thread, I don't believe the following
is all that relevant any more, but just in case.

The man page for posh does not list "rm" as one of its builtins. Nor does it
have "mv". So most likely, not here.?

"make -k" also fails.
If it's the "rm" problem, there are two places in Makefile.in
./Src/Makefile.in:    rm -f stamp-modobjs.tmp
./Src/Makefile.in:    rm -f stamp-modobjs stamp-modobjs.tmp
where you can try "[ -f stamp-modobjs.tmp ] && rm ..." (you'll have to
split the latter of the above into two separate "rm" calls).

Looks like Src/mkmakemod.sh is called at least four times. This is where
stamp-modobjs.tmp is supposed to get created.  Then Src/Makefile.in
does a cmp of stamp-modobjs and stamp-modobjs.tmp. If they compare
it removes stamp-modobjs.tmp, if not it moves stamp-modobjs.tmp to
stamp-modobjs. When moved it also outputs the message
"Updated `stamp-modobjs", which is happening.  Then later the message
"cat: stamp-modobjs: No such file or directory" is output indicating the file
isn't there.  Trying to figure out what happens in between. Neither file is
present when make exits. A normal exit by the other shells, has at least
stamp-modobjs present.
If that still fails it might help to see a diff of config.log from
bash vs. posh, but it seems much more likely that it's make that's
giving up here.

If its still of any interest, attached is the compressed diff comparing bash vs posh
outputs of config.log. Mail bounced my previous post with the uncompressed
file attached(to large).

If you need any more info, I will try to get you what you need. For now I have a
couple of versions of zsh to compile, sans posh.

Jim Murphy

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