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Re: zsh 5.5 available

On 09/04/18 07:29 PM, Joey Pabalinas wrote:
On Mon, Apr 09, 2018 at 07:14:24PM -0700, Ray Andrews wrote:
Both info and man are still 5.3.1, what's needed to update them?
Yodl is used to generate the documentation, and IIRC if the build
system detects a Yodl install it should update the versions

I'd expect so but whereasthe 'info' is there, and I can run it " info ./zsh.info " if I'm in the directory where that file is found, otherwise the older version is found.  I ran " make install.info" and I have the mentioned dependencies.  Somehow 'info' just doesn't know where to  look.  Ditto the 'man' pages-- still the older version. I copied everything in the new build " .../share/man/man1" to " /usr/share/man/man1", and that seems to work but I'd expect it to happen automatically, as you say.  Also, the specific info pages, inthe older version seem to be just the man pages shown slightly differently, there are no specific 'zsh.info*' files as there are with zsh-5.5, and I don't know where they should go. There's a "/usr/share/info" directory but it has no comparable files, only '...info.gz' files and I'm afraid to try anything by hand.

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