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Re: zsh 5.5 available

On Mon, Apr 09, 2018 at 08:02:14PM -0700, Ray Andrews wrote:
> I'd expect it to happen automatically, as you say.  Also, the specific info
> pages, inthe older version seem to be just the man pages shown slightly
> differently, there are no specific 'zsh.info*' files as there are with
> zsh-5.5, and I don't know where they should go. There's a "/usr/share/info"
> directory but it has no comparable files, only '...info.gz' files and I'm
> afraid to try anything by hand.

By default `make install` will install to /usr/local on most Linux
systems, and you probably don't have that in your MANPATH/INFOPATH.

You can either add /usr/local/share/man and /usr/local/share/info
to those environment variables or you can set the installation
paths when you ./configure with --prefix (currently you likely have it
as /usr/local) or you can set them individually with --mandir and

N.B. It's usually not a good idea to make install with --prefix=/usr
as that is the usual install prefix for you package manager and things
might get weird. I personally use --prefix=~/.local and have added the
paths in there to my .zshenv.

If you do it that way no need to use `sudo make install` either, just

> ./configure --prefix=~/.local && make && make install


> MANPATH="$HOME/.local/share/man:$MANPATH"
> INFOPATH="$HOME/.local/share/info:$INFOPATH"

in your shell startup files

Also, the .gz files are just the gzipped versions which most man and
info (maybe all) implementations understand implicitly.

You can create them yourself if you want to safe space just by doing
`gzip foo.info` and decompress with `gzip -d foo.info.gz`

Joey Pabalinas

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