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Re: make history-complete-older do nothing on empty string

On 03/12/37 04:10 AM, Ray Andrews wrote:
Dunno. I want it to do nothing too if that's what you are asking.
Yeah.  It seems to me that the thing would/should know that it has nothing to do.  It's sorta like writing a program to find the first prime number divisible by two, the program will run for a long time without producing much.  I'm wondering if the devs just overlooked that, or if perhaps the idea of completion on an empty string might actually have some sort of meaning.  Completion seems to be such a complex thing that maybe it does -- the sound of one hand clapping.

Come to think, that's bad logic.  The reverse is the case.  Since completion is a progressive exclusion, if the search string is empty, then everything is matched because nothing is excluded.  It might not be very useful, but it is not logically invalid.

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