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Re: Colorful new fast-syntax-highlighting

Vadim A. Misbakh-Soloviov wrote on Wed, 23 May 2018 22:00 +0300:
> It will be nice to (as already suggested in both issue trackers) to merge that 
> into "original" zsh-syntax-hl.

I would love to work with Sebastian to merge the two efforts. z-sy-h has
an open ticket for that:

In the meantime, Matthew, Julien, maybe we should link fast-syntax-highlighting
from INSTALL.md or something?  I'm not afraid of competition ☺

> Also, how about freezing on path coloring in "big" direcotires (with millions 
> of files)?

There's X_ZSH_HIGHLIGHT_DIRS_BLACKLIST in master.  It hasn't been released yet.
Note that the X_ prefix means it's experimental (= enjoys limited forward
compat guarantees).  If you give it a spin do let us know how it goes.

Please continue the discussion on the (relevant) github issue tracker; this
list isn't a support forum for third-party modules.

> And how about "dead" mounts (that also leads zsh to go into D-state)?

Sounds like an OS-level problem of stat(2)/readdir(3) not returning.

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