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Re: completion is over thinking things.

On 2019-09-29 6:09 a.m., Mikael Magnusson wrote:

Claiming that completion not completing invalid arguments for your
command is an "issue" seems pretty far fetched to me. If you always
want to complete files, don't run compinit in your startup files.

I appreciate the sophistication of that, but there are times when I really do want to complete on a filename even if it might seem like an invalid argument superficially.  I thought that compinit was the entire completion system!  Commenting it out and restarting, just as you say, I get 'dumb' file completions just as wanted.  Can we have it both ways?  That is, tweak compinit so that perhaps on a final press of the TAB key it  will fall back to dumb file completion even if a kosher match has not been found?  Or some sort of temporary fallback to dumb completion?  Most of the time it seems that file completion is all that's happening and anyway this sort of issue is very rare here, but short of restarting it would be nice to have dumb completion 'override' when wanted.  Perhaps if a final press of TAB was used then instead of this:

Completing package

... we'd see:

Fallback to completing file

... or something like that.

I looked at zcompdump and there's nothing in there that looks promising.  I know that completion is the most inscrutable part of zsh, so I won't even attempt to understand it, and any tweak will be taken without question and on authority.  Or is there an approachable document?  Or some workaround?

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