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ZSH-3.0 web page prototype

I'm developing a prototype (very much a work in progress) for zsh-3.0
documentation at the URL,


In an attempt to keep robots (and only robots) at bay, I've restricted
access to this development directory. To gain access, the username is
`zsh-workers' and the password is `falstad'. Hmm, I wonder if there
are robots that parse mail archives looking for passwords :-).

In particular, the zsh.texi (v2.1.1, as distributed with 3.0-pre3)
documentation translated to html via texi2html is now in


(there is also a link from the old test URL).

I'm toying with the idea of having a frames version available, but it
pretty much sucks right now. A crude ugly version of the documentation
is in http://www.mal.com/zsh3/Doc/index-frame.shtml. But I'm thinking
of a three-frame window, with indices along the top, chapters along
the left, and the documentation itself in the main window, something

        |         |   Indices go here                           |
        |Chapter  |---------------------------------------------|
        |Names    |                                             |
        |Here     |                                             |
        |         |                                             |
        |         |    main                                     |
        |         |        doc                                  |
        |         |           here                              |
        |         |                                             |
        |         |                                             |

Anyway, all comments/suggestions are welcome, but my immediate concern
is the documentation and integrating it back into the FAQ (which still
refers to the old manual right now).


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