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Re: ZSH-3.0 web page prototype

>I'm developing a prototype (very much a work in progress) for zsh-3.0
>documentation at the URL,
>  http://www.mal.com/zsh3/

pfalstad's old introduction to zsh is in very serious need of
updating.  (E.g., in the first section -- globbing -- <> is used for
numerical globbing, but many of the glob qualifiers aren't mentioned.)
This is one of the things that would be good to get done for version

>I'm toying with the idea of having a frames version available, but it

Not a good idea, IMO.  Frames are, by their nature, a proprietary
standard, and the only implementation sucks raw eggs through a very
thin straw.  I see that you've got something checking for Netscape at
the front-end; consequently I can't check how the HTML actually looks
without frames.  (I modified Lynx to send the same User-Agent string as
Netscape -- just how are you identifying it?)  Assuming you didn't put
the filter there just for the fun of it, I must conclude that the
frames data causes problems with standard-conforming viewers.


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