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Re: False alarm (nonomatch and cshnullglob)

On Jul 23,  9:31am, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} Subject: Re: False alarm (nonomatch and cshnullglob)
} schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
} > zsh% setopt nobadpattern nonomatch
} > zsh% echo ( Make | buy )
} > zsh: no match
} > 
} > I forgot that I also have cshnullglob set.
} does seem a bit of a palaver deciding on the behaviour, easy to get
} confused, and hard to set the behaviour you want if there are default
} settings in /etc/zshrc.

Someone previously suggested that options should be heirarchical, or
somehow otherwise related, so that (e.g.) "setopt nonomatch" would
automatically imply "unsetopt nullglob cshnullglob".

} Still, there doesn't seem to be much to do
} without a really radical options overhaul (setopt
} nomatch=csh/null/none would be nice).

The advantage to csh's scheme of having magic variable names for the
options is that you can easily convert booleans to have more than two
values, without changing the syntax of setting options in general and
without losing the old set/unset boolean meaning.

The disadvantages are cluttering the variable namespace and increasing
the amount of memory required to store a simple truth value.

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