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Re: a bug in zsh?

On Jul 25,  3:49pm, Markku.Jarvinen@xxxxxx wrote:
} Subject: a bug in zsh?
} BUG: when option chaselinks is set and I run zsh on a host
}      which has automounted homedirectories command 'pwd'
}      does weird things (i.e. changes directory to some random
}      directory that was first mounted using automount).

That's because the automounter is implemented by mounting the directory
somewhere else and then setting up symlinks in the magic automount
directory to point to the actual mount location.  Zsh is doing the
right thing with respect to the symlinks.

} Any suggestions other than turning chaselinks off?

Yeah; turn the automounter off.

There might be something that could be done by checking the results of
stat() on ".." and "." [which zgetcwd() is already doing] and change
the behavior when ".." crosses over to a different logical device.  I'm
not sure what, though.  You'd have to get the original path used by cd
back, and start working *down* until you found the directory at which
the device change took place.

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