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Re: zsh-3.0-pre4 released

On Jul 27,  5:55pm, Zoltan Hidvegi wrote:
} Subject: Re: zsh-3.0-pre4 released
} > 	TRAPHUP() { echo Hangup }
} > 	trap "echo Hang UP" 1
} > 	
} > causes an implicit "unfunction TRAPHUP"
} > 
} > 	trap "echo Hangup" 1
} > 	TRAPHUP() { echo Hang UP }
} > 
} > causes an implicit "trap - 1"
} Yes or course.  That's quite similar to the old behaviour.

OK, that's very good; but I think the documentation of this is a bit
misleading.  E.g. from the FAQ:

! Traps defined by the trap builtin are now executed in the current shell
! environment and not as a shell function.  This means that $1 is not set
! to the signal number.  Of course the TRAPxxx functions continue working
! as before.

This sounds as though TRAPFOO() continues to fire ("functions continue
working") even after `trap bar foo`; sort of as if TRAPxxx() and "trap"
are now in completely separate "namespaces".

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