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Re: Announcement draft

>The latest version is zsh-3.0-pre5.  It is much more stable than the last
>production release, zsh-2.5.0.  More than a thousand bugs have been fixed
>since the release of zsh-2.5.0 (although none counted)

What do you mean by "none counted"?  Should that be "no one counted"?

> * a very powerful command-line editor which can even be used to edit
>   files

Binary files too, now.  I think that's worth a mention.

> * very powerful filename globing which can do almost everything that
>   find can do

Does someone want to implement find as a zsh script?  It wouldn't
usually be practically useful, but it would be a great demonstration of
zsh's generality.

You didn't mention the enormous number of builtins.

>Additionally zsh is probably one of the most portable program available
>for Unix.  It uses GNU autoconf and it builds out of the box on most

Remove "probably".

If it's not in yet, some mention of the swapping of -1 and -C should be
added to the FAQ.


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